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Neema Hekmat ~ Traditional Persian Music

Special evening performance:  Saturday, 6 -7 pm at Moe's Books, 2476 Telegraph Ave.

Virtuoso ambassador Neema Hekmat and Nariman Assadi iourneys through Persia's mystical music and poetry.

 Neema has been studying Persian music from the age of 6.  He has studied the Santur, the Persian hammered dulcimer, and traditional Persian music structures with leading masters of his area of expertise. His training has also included western music theory and composition at Foothill college as well as CSMA.  Neema is an active performer and composer in the traditional Persian and world music sphere, with over a decade of engagement in the Bay Area, as well as across the United States and internationallyIn addition to directing his own ensembles ( Zaryab Ensemble” being his most well-recognized ensemble), Neema has self-produced concerts, festivals and music-dance production

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NarimanAssadNariman Assadi was raised in Tehran for most of his life. Growing up, he always felt drawn to percussion instruments. At the age of thirteen, he began studying Tombak (Goblet Drum from Persia) under Maestro Amir Samadi. In 2007, Nariman was invited to Pars Academy, the premier music academy for children in Iran. Following Pars Academy, Nariman was selected to be a member of the Persian Percussion Ensemble, an ensemble of a hundred percussionists. In the years 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012, Nariman performed at Vahdat Hall, a prestigious performing arts hall in Iran, as a soloist and with the Persian Percussion Ensemble, during which he played the instruments Tombak, Zarb Zoorkhaneh, Dammam, Djembe, and Timpani. He then returned to Pars Academy where he began teaching music to minors, with the focus of his teachings on how percussion and melodic instruments can accompany one another. After mastering Tombak, Nariman started learning Daf (Large Persian Frame Drum) under Maestro Bijan Kamkar. With a strong understanding of Daf and Tombak, Nariman wanted to further his skills as a percussionist by learning the melodic instrument, Barbat (Oud) under Master Mohammad Firouzi.

In 2015, Nariman immigrated to the United States. He immediately began his professional career with several performances and volunteering as a musical therapist throughout the Northern California area. Along with being a member of the Northern California Persian Ensemble and continuing to have performances, Nariman also teaches Daf and Tombak and other percussion instruments.

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