Trio Garufa

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Authentic Tango and Dance from Argentina

Performing Sunday, 3-5 pm at YWCA Berkeley/Oakland gym, 2600 Bancroft Ave,

Trio Garufo is an international ensemble dedicated to performing authentic Argentine Music. Based in San Francisco, they have performed across Argentina, Canada and the United Staes since their 2001 debut. Trio Garufa performs traditional Argentine tango as well as modern tango from Astor Piazzolla, Argentine folk music, orginal compositions and electro-tango. They are the only tango ensemble based in the USA to have performed extensively at the Buenos Aires milongas (Tango dance clubs).

At this year's Berkeley World Music Festival Trio Garufa will lead a "milonga" dance party. The band will pair their performance with a professional tango dance couple, in formal attire, to bring the thrill and passion of Argentine tango to the audience. Members of the Bay Area dance community and as well as any visitors will be also be invited to dance throught the throughout the performace. A beginning tango lesson will also be offered mid-way throughout the performance.

The international Trio Garufa includes Guillermo Garcia from Argentine (guitar and musical advisor), Adrian Jost from Switzerland (Bandoneaon) and Sascha Jacobsen from California (string bass).  Garufa has released three CD albums and has performed at world -renowned venues as Yoshi's Jazz Club, Chicago Symphong Hall, Teatro Leon de greiff (Bogota), Alix Golden Hall (Victoria), an La Viruta, the largest tango club in Buenos Aires.

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