Simcha Orchestra


Performing Sunday, 1:30 - 4:30 pm at Berkeley Hat Co., 2510 Telegraph Ave.

Klezmer music is celebratory music, rooted in Eastern European Jewish culture. Yiddish speaking Jews first brought Klezmer to America in the late 1800's and early 1900's where this music continues to develop. Though the Klezmer brass sound and cabaret feel remains distinct, its complex rhythms and vigorous riffs did contribute to the big dance sound of the 30s.

Simcha Orchestra is one of the first Bay Area Jewish revival bands (1975). Simcha band members are adept players of Jewish and traditional jazz forms and is an established part of the Bay Area jazz & folk music scene. 

Meet these virtuoso musicians jammin' along Telegraph Avenue. These treasured musicians are an established part of the Bay Area jazz & folk music scene. 

Eliot Kenin, on guitar, is an original member of the Simcha Orchestra and was an accompanist for Shlomo Carlebach, the singing Chasidic rabbi. Eliot is a talented composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He is also band leader for Spirit of '29, Dixieland) and the Reinhardt Swing Band.

"Fiddle Ray" Landsberg, has been a mainstay in Bay Area traditional jazz and klezmer music for years. He can be often seen with the San Francisco Starlight Orchestra.

Joe Sosensky (clarinet), who has been playing together with Eliot for years is also a core of Spirit of ’29.

Rick Elmore (tuba) was part of Klezmorim, a renowned Bay Area Klezmer band and also one of the original Bay Area revival bands (1975).

Pick your pleasure. There'll be chairs set up or you may find yourself dancing spontaneously in a circle dance.



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