Ghost Note Ensemble


Eurpopean Trans-Carpathian Folk

Performing at Caffe Mediterraneum, 2475 Telegraph, Noon - 1:30 pm

"Ghost Note Ensemble weaves the strands of sonic history, builds musical monuments to the ghosts of a disappeared culture, resurrecting Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Jewish folk music traditions with American hands caked in Carpathian mud." 

GNE members are Jack Hanley (mandolin and poyk drum), Mattias Kaufmann (bayan accordion), and Joshua Laurenzi (fiddle).

(Editor's Note: Each year we discover musicians, new to us, but extraordinary for their musicianship. Our paths crossed one dark nite, when Ghost Note Ensemble played non-stop for at one of Oakland's urban farms,  A Place for Sustainable Living - a community and educational center.

These amazing fellows travel to the Balkans to jam and learn from the source. Expect authentic Village Trans-Carpathian mountain music. Fast paced virtuoso violin and dueling duets, or a dance between strings, reed pipe,  and accordion spiked by a frame drum  

GNE members are highly regarded withn circles of musicians who play Balkan and Jewish folk music. GNE has also opened up for some of the finest local bands, including internationally renowned Veretski Pass, as well as Ephonious, a big klezmer band. They've been a welcome addition at Ashkenaz' Balkan Nite and have been spotted in North Berkeley performing at the Cheese Board and Saul's Delicatessen.  Ghost Note Ensemble is Berkeley World Music's 2016 pick for a band to watch. A lively and stunning band, which may compell you pick up your feet and dance.)

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