Sadza Marimba Band & Julia Chigamba

SadzaAct2webZimbabwean Dance Music

Performing on Haste St at Telegraph, 2:30-4:30 pm

Sadza Marimba & Mbira Band based in Santa Cruz, brings audiences to their feet with the danceable, joyful rhythms of Zimbabwe. Sadza blends soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass marimbas (wooden xylophones), drums, gourd shakers, and vocals to create upbeat music that elicits strong emotions. Most of the music Sadza plays is based on melodies from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Sadza's performances feature complex harmonic weaving and polyrhythms. In this music tradition, no instruments take the lead. 

The band’s name comes from the Shona word for the staple food in Zimbabwe, a type of thick porridge often made from cornmeal or millet, eaten at most meals. Sadza Marimba is musical sustenance! “Layer upon layer of interlocking rhythms will feed your imagination and nourish your soul. " Claire O'Connor, Good Times Santa Cruz

Sadza’s band members are Jeanine Boretz, Lola Britton, Marion Brodkey, Cynthia Kingsbury, Becca Moeller, Lanier Sammons, River Smolen, and Betty Weiss. Sadza has opened for Thomas Mapfumo, Maya Soleil, and the Chinyakare Dance Ensemble


 Julia Chigamba  - Special Guest Perfomer

Joining Sadza for a special guest performance will be Julia Chigamba, a beloved teacher of Zimbabwean dance and founder of the renowned Chinyakare Dance Ensemble. 

Julia was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and comes from a long lineage of Shona musicians, dancers, and storytellers. From an early age she was enmeshed in a world where dance and music were an integral part of everyday life. This is a music tradition full of playful movement. Audience members will be able to share in the culture of the Zimbabwean village music by being invited to dance and also play on instruments with the band.

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