The Dogon Lights


West Africa Meets West Oakland: at People's Park

Performng at People's Park, 2:45 - 4:15 pm                                                        

The Dogon Lights (pronounced "Doe-Gone”) is a dynamic galactic groove machine from our own Bay Area. High energy world fusion group Dogon Lights creates an infectious and energetic dance atmosphere transporting the listener straight to the stars. The band’s name honors the Dogon people of Mali and their belief that they and all creation are descendants from the twin star system Sirius, i.e.: “the lights”.

Dogon Lights combine elements of Funk, Hip Hop, Shamanic, African, Rock, and Electronica played on traditional Moroccan and West African harp, lutes, shakers and djembe drum with electric bass, guitar, synthesizer, drums, sax and flute. West African tones, upbeat rhythms, mermerizing vocals, blended with electro hip hop beats and Jimi Hendrix inspired guitar provide layered dimensions to this exciting music. Don’t miss their richly textured debut album, titled “The Dogon Lights”

Members: BONGO SIDIBE is a native of Guinea and a master Djembe drummer. A well-known teacher and performer Bongo adds his infectious rhythmic fire to the mix.

VIR MCCOY (bands: Hamsa Lila, Radio Devi) plays the camel skinned Sintir (a traditional instrument of the Gnawa of Morocco) and the goat skinned gimbri (traditional Moroccan Berber and Arabic instrument) as well as electric bass and guitar.

EVAN FRASER (Dirtwire, Stellamara, Hamsa Lila) plays Kalimba, thumb harp Illimba, Berimbau, Calabash, Zabumba, Ney, Jaw Harp, Slide Guitar, Keys and just about everything else you could imagine.

IAN "INX" HERMAN (Hugh Masakela, Vusi Mathlasela, Hamsa Lila) a native of South Africa, plays traps for funky bottom notes.

ASHEL SEAZUNZ MC and Rapper plays with Earth Amplified and Bassnectar.

Dictionary of some of The Dogon Lights' instruments:

Berimbau: A single-string percussion instrument consisting of a musical bow and hollowed out gourd acting as a resonator.

Calabash: A gourd used as a percussion instrument or, if hollowed out is a resonator with plucked strings.

Gimbri (African) and Sintir Arabic): A three stringed skin-covered bass plucked lute by the Gnawa people of Morocco.

Kalimba Illimba: African origin classified within the linguaphone (also lamellaphone) family of world instruments. All are different sizes & shapes, distinguished by a series of thin metal plates each of which is fixed at one end & open at the other. Root words are Latin “lingua” for tongue, “lamella” for plate, and Greek “phonos" for sound.

Kamale Ngoni: An 8-12 stringed pentatonic “hunters harp” made from a large Calabash gourd. The Ngoni was traditionally used in sacred hunting ceremonies or trance music from the Wassalou region of Mali.

Ney (Moroccan): An end blown flute originating in Persia.

Zabumba: A type of bass drum that a player wears while standing up and using both hands.

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