Ensohza 5x7

Traditional Japanese Folk Music & Dance

Performing on Saturday, 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Formed in 2006, Ensohza is a minzoku-geino or Japanese folk performing ensemble based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The music evokes the festival spirit and character of Japan’s diverse rural communities. With lively vocals accompanied by fue and shakuhachi (bamboo flutes), shamisen (a string instrument) and the beat of the taiko drum, Ensohza transports you to Japan’s mountain and fishing villages with traditional folk songs and festival dance music.

Both the Ensohza music ensemble and dance company are cultural treasures, dedicated to community building and teaching folk dance and the traditional festival arts of Japan. Ensohza actively recruits new members to join the dance troupe. No experience is necessary.

Ensohza has performed at many Japanese festivals and venues throughout the Bay Area including the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Enmanji Temple Obon Festival, Asian Pacific Heritage Festival, and KQED's Asian Pacific Awards Ceremony. 

Audience will be treated to musicians and dancers in traditional Japanese folk costumes. 


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