Spirit of '29


Dixieland Jazz

Dixieland music or New Orleans jazz, sometimes referred to as hot jazz or early jazz, is a style of jazz music, which developed in New Orleans at the start of the 20th century, and was spread to Chicago and New York City by New Orleans bands in the 1910s. Well-known jazz standard songs from the Dixieland era, such as “Basin Street Blues” and “When the Saints Go Marching In” ", are known even to non-jazz fans. With its beginnings in riverboat jazz, Dixieland progressed to Chicago-style jazz or hot jazz as developed by Louis Armstrong and others.

The Dixieland sound is created when one instrument (usually the trumpet) plays the melody or a variation on it, and the other instruments improvise around that melody. This creates a more polyphonic sound than the heavily arranged big band sound of the 1930s or the unison melody of bebop in the 1940s. The swing era of the 1930s led to the end of many Dixieland jazz musicians' careers. There was a revival of Dixieland in the late 1940s and 1950s.The "West Coast revival" began in the late 1930s in San Francisco which used banjo and tuba

Spirit of ’29 bandleader Eliot Kenin has been performing on guitar and banjo since the fifties, playing at coffee houses, folk festivals and concert halls, including Carnegie hall. He's led bands other playing music genres - bluegrass, jug band music, klezmer, ragtime, jazz and swing. His Boston area band, the Great Metropolitan Steam Band recorded an album for the Decca label. Many of Eliot’s compositions are topical and political."

Along with Eliot (banjo), Spirit of ’29 Dixieland Jazz band members Mike Reilly (trumpet), Joe Sosensky (clarinet), Mike Harryman (tuba) are seasoned musicians who have played traditional jazz for many years prior to joining the band. When Spirit of '29 Dixieland Jazz Band start playing together, the rhythm jumps, the music gets hot, and the audience members smile and dance. It's not enough to read about it, you have to experience it.

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