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Berkeley World Music Festival is a collaborative effort. It could not survive without the help of individuals, organizations and cultural centers, who donate their labor and/or funding. This gives us the means each year to bring together a dazzling set of musicians. 

Please come & celebrate. Your attendance is vital support for the Festival, as well as encouraging performance arts in Berkeley & beyond. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you would like to be involved. 

Special Thanks / Acknowlegments


City of Berkeley and Telegraph Business Improvement District - Festival co-partners

Mayor Tom Bates

Kriss Worthington - City of Berkeley District 7 Councilmember

Berkeley Civic Arts Commission

BCM - Berkeley Communtiy Media. A free speech public access TV station and learning center.  Members produce media as well as share it with the community.

Amoeba Music - Concert sponsor. Iconic record store born on Telegraph (1990), stays true to its "PEACE thru MUSIC" vibe by being a good neighbor to Avenue folks.

Askhenaz Music and Dance Commuity Center - Festival's fiscal agent. Berkeley's home for world music artists and enthusiasts since 1973!

East Bay Express - An Alternative Weekly - currently the only independently owned large-circulation newspaper in the Bay area.

East Bay Media Center founded the Berkeley Video & Film Festival. It screens independent films and offers performing space to artists, media services & training.

KBBF, started in 1973, was the first US bilingual, bicultural educational radio service. This empowering multilingual voice engages the community to achieve social justice through education, celebrating culture & covering local & world news.

KPFA - a vital news and cultural community resource. (Also special thanks to KPFA Music Dept., as well as KPFA Apprentice Program & apprentices acting as emcee.)

Persian Center is a Berkeley resource dedicated to the social, cultural, and educational enrichments of the Community - a center for people of Iranian descent and all interested in Persian culture.

YWCA Berkeley / Oakland located at 2600 Durant Ave., provides programs, dance & fitness classes, and resources for local communities & UC students. 

Merchants -partial list + more tba:

If not already mentioned: Berkeley Hat Company, BerkeleyHonda, Caffe Mediterraneum, Moe's Books, Mezzo & Raleigh's (opening in August), and Telegraph Merchants

Special Mention

Guillermo Prado - Graphic Design

Shera Sever - Social Marketing Consultant

Festival Board + Team Leaders: Max D'Ambrosio, Penny Hennagir, Guillermo Prado, Gianna Ranuzzi, Bryan Uhlenbrock, Marc Weinstein + Vylma V (KPFA),  C. Carr, C. DeWitt, and C. Dickson 
















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Bringing a world music festival to the San Francisco Bay Area for the 13th consecutive year.